ClauWau, The World Championship Where Hundreds Of Santa Claus Compete In Party And Alpine Sport Tasks


clauwau santa claus world championship

In the land where Switzerland, Austria and Italy meet, a unique and funny event has been taking place for 17 years. A place where Santa Claus multiplies himself and hundreds of them gather to compete in a special challenge: the ClauWau, the Switzerland’s Santa World Championship.

The 17th edition welcomed 108 participants dressed in Santas costumes who competed in two days Christmas-inspired tasks that made the Switzerland’s ‘world’s best Father Christmas’ competition.

clauwau santa claus world championship switzerland

Under a beautiful sun, among snow-capped peaks and between trees, at the ski resort of Samnaun, 27 teams of Santas proved their skills in international Christmas party activities and alpine sports. The participants had a lot of fun in dancing, singing, painting, gingerbread decorating, chimney climbing (while carrying a sack and ringing a bell at the top) and sleigh driving.

clauwau santa claus world championship switzerland

If you may get tired of just skiing and snowboarding all day, ClauWau competition can be a little distraction, a moment of international entertainment and fun to relax and enjoy a longer break.

clauwau santa claus world championship bears

People who participate to this Santa World Championship can bring back home unique memories that go beyond the usual winter resort activities. Maybe next time, among your equipment you can bring a Santa costume and join the competition to double your fun.

Credits: The Guardian


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