Tell Me What Your Zodiac Sign Is And I Will Reveal You The Perfect Cocktail For Tonight


perfect cocktail for each zodiac sign

Do you like to have a party? Are you usually the one who taste or prepare drinks? How do you chose the right one? In this article we are going to talk about cocktails and astrology while having some fun. We will reveal the best drink according to your zodiac sign. If a sign was a cocktail it would be one of the following. So find yours and discover what you should drink next Saturday evening (or tonight).


negroni cocktail

Astrology describes Aries people as independent, who don’t like to take orders from others. They are self-involved and can be self-centred. For an impulsive, short tempered and impatient person like Aries, a good match could be the Negroni cocktail. Made of gin, red vermouth and Campari, it’s highly alcoholic, dry, bitter and explosive. Even its red colour matches with the Aries temperament. So enjoy!


strawberry caipiroska

People who was born under this sign are patient, devoted and possessive. Feeling the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty, they are sensual and tactile. What’s better for a Taurus than the sweetness and intensity of a Strawberry Caipiroska? A perfect mixture of passion and sensuality: crushed ice, lime, brown sugar, vodka, strawberry liqueur and fruits.


japanese iced tea

Symbolised with The Twins, the Gemini astrological sign is an entertainer. If this is your sign you may like trendy clothes, cell phones and any wacky gadgets. With a constant duality, you are never sure which personality you are going to experience. For Gemini people the stars suggest the Japanese Iced Tea: a trendy long drink made of vodka, gin, rum, Midori, sweet&sour, and soda. It’s sweet but, at the same time fresh and alcoholic with a tasty melon flavour…and it shows up a cool green colour (it’s not a case that “Midori” means “green” in Japanese). Ready for the toast?



pina colada

If you know someone born under this sign you should also be aware that Cancer people often like sweet flavours. A Piña Colada cocktail could be ideal, thanks to its sweet and creamy taste and not to much alcohol content: just 1 ounces of rum and the rest made of coconut cream, heavy cream, fresh pineapple juice and crushed ice. Simple, isn’t it?

LEO = B-52

cocktail b-52

Leos are energetic, warm and action-oriented. Many of them make a career in the performing art. Therefore, a layered and flaming B-52 cocktail seems to be their “scenic equipment” and a good way to liven up the evening: a coffee liqueur (Kahlúa), an Irish cream (Baileys Irish Cream), and a Grand Marnier (in later versions replaced with triple sec or Cointreau).


mojito cocktail

They are generally modest and humble and don’t like to attract too much attention on themselves. The zodiac ‘suggests’ to drink a Mojito: simple, clean, easy to make, but that can keep you warm even during cold winters (if you can find some mint). If you are a Virgo and would like to have a toast with a Mojito tonight you just need some lime juice, superfine sugar, mint leaves, white rum, club soda or seltzer.



cosmopolitan cocktail

Libra-born individuals are noted for their social skills and make highly popular guests at parties due to their charming, communicative, and easy-going natures. What’s better for them than an international drink like a Cosmopolitan? It’s glamour, stylish, charming, an all day cocktail made of citron vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and fresh lime juice.


moscow mule

Scorpios are often mysterious people. They like to uncover things under the surface and are very intuitive. Therefore, history and its secrets may attract them. This evening, you can order a Moscow Mule, the cocktail with a story behind it, dated back to 1941.


long island iced tea

People born under this sign can be curious, energetic and adventurous. Sagittarius needs to be constantly in touch with the world to experience as much as possible. To get the excitement they need, their companion at the next party can be a Long Island Iced Tea. An ever green cocktail which is one of the strongest you can find around – despite its look – due to the small amount of mixer: it’s typically made of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and just a splash of cola.



cuba libre cocktail

For a personality as traditional and conservative as a Capricorn, the stars ‘suggest’ a simple and classic Cuba Libre: some rum and coke accompanied by a lime wedge, and problem solved!


blue angel cocktail

Aquarius can be extravagant and unconventional, and to match these traits an unusual cocktail might be the right choice. What about the Italian Angelo Azzurro (Blue Angel)? Full of an intense colour that makes it memorable and unique. Do you want to know what’s inside? Gin, Triple Sec, Blue Curaçao, Ice. Don’t you feel happy? The colour is surely attractive, but wait until you drink it: if you like dry and bitter flavours you may ‘encounter your happiness’ today.


fizzy pink grapefruit margaritas

The typical Pisces’ are extremely introspective. They usually hold their conflict in until it overtakes them: do you frequently see a Pisces complain? People born under this sign are also generous, giving and artistic. So, let’s serve a glass of Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Margaritas cocktail, a fun flirty twist on a classic Margarita. Isn’t it artistic and sweet, with a quite look? It seems to be just the right match.

This is the list of drinks at the “Zodiac Club” today. Do you recognise yourself in one of these descriptions? Whether you may like these cocktails or not, remember that we should always “smile at life”, so just relax and don’t take it too seriously. On the other hand, playing games can be also healthy sometimes – unless yours is over-drinking, so always be wise and responsible.

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