First Hilarious Animals Photography Contest: Pets Who Like Funny Poses And Expressions

comedy pet photography awards 2017
Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Who said only people can be hilarious? If you have a pet, if an animal is part of your family, you already know for certain that your fluffy friend is capable of a lot of things, including funny poses and expressions. That’s why someone decided to start a competition all dedicated to pets: the first “Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017”, and now the winners were announced and the images are really amazing and unique.

Whether the pet is a horse or a usual cat or dog, any participant was able to submit their photos depicting their animals with a ‘humanised’ expression. Above all, horses seemed to have been the real protagonists, with three of them winning in three different categories. Let’s go deeper and see all the winners.

1. OVERALL category: NANDO HARMSEN with his horse seemingly prancing past the camera.

nando harmsen jump
Comedy Pet Photography Awards


2. JUNIOR category: a horse relaxing on his back.

horse relaxing on his back
Comedy Pet Photography Awards



3. GONE TO THE DOGS category: a dog stunned by the arrival of a bubble.

dog stunned arrival bubble
Comedy Pet Photography Awards

4. PETS WHO LOOK LIKE THEIR OWNERS category: a horse screaming with his owner.

horse screaming with his owner
Comedy Pet Photography Awards

5. ANCIENTS category: a husky with a hilarious stare.

husky with a hilarious stare
Comedy Pet Photography Awards

The first edition went well and is just waiting for many others to come next years. In the meantime, you can enjoy all the 2017 finalists entries on this photo gallery.

Which picture do you like most and would award as the winner?
Maybe your pets are also used to leave you stunned with amazing, funny and unpredictable poses, faces and actions and next year you will be one of the winners in the second edition of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2018.


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