Which Condom Is The Most Effective? They Tested Them Rigorously And That’s The Result


right condom

Which condom is the most effective? What’s the best on the market? These guys tested them through 3 challenges to discover what’s the top in terms of capacity, friction and durability. Four condoms, three events, one winner, zero babies and zero STDs.

The contenders:


trojan enz



trojan magnum


3. Durex®

durex condom

4. Contempo Wet N’ Wild

contempo wetnwild

This video will show you the tests and how each condom performed, to find eventually the “champion”.

Challenge #1: Capacity

condom test capacity
BuzzFeedBlue / Youtube

The staff put water inside each one to discover the most capacious.

The round 1 winner was TROJAN™ MAGNUM™ with 3.5 gal of water.

Challenge #2: Friction

condom test friction
BuzzFeedBlue / Youtube

They took a cucumber through the condom, a drill and stuck them together. By drilling the “contender” into a stamp paper they found the best based on number of rotations … before the condom starts breaking.

The results:

  • TROJAN™ ENZ™ broke after 7 rotations.
  • TROJAN™ MAGNUM™ and Contempo Wet N’ Wild broke after 5 rotations.
  • Durex® failed just after 2 rotations.

The round 2 winner was TROJAN™ ENZ™.

Challenge #3: Durability

condom test durability
BuzzFeedBlue / Youtube

This was a tough test that put the four contenders into a deep stress. The condoms were clamped between two cars – with one driving in the opposite direction – to find how far they can stretch.

And the final round winner was TROJAN™ MAGNUM™.

trojan magnum bulk

So which one resulted the best? With 2 victories out of 3 the “kind of condoms” is TROJAN™ MAGNUM™ – maybe confirming what anybody would have guessed before starting the “competition”.

A video by BuzzFeedBlue / Youtube

So next time you need to collect some water, to drill a wall to hang your painting or to tow a broken car, now you know what’s the best product for you. Does it sounds too extreme? Don’t worry: we are kidding. You can come back to use a condom for what it’s been created in its origins, knowing what’s the most reliable.

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