How Creativity And Imagination Can Make Your Nails Stunning: 10 Themed Nail Art Designs


creative nail art designs

Do you want to be glamour or simply get ready for a party? Costumes and make up are not the only things you can do. Your hands can play an important role too thanks to nail art and the various designs you can apply. Today we will discover themed designs that might be not ideal for stylish situations, but can be nice ideas for particular events such as carnival, Halloween, fairs and many others.

We selected 10 of the most creative themed nail designs and ideas that can inspire you for your next party, to impress your friends and all the other guests.

1. Bloody devil nail art.

They are real nails and not plastic add-ons. Would you feel comfort with them?

bloody devil nail art
Bamblerose | DeviantArt


2. Cocktail inspired nails.

Some ice, a lemon slice and your fingers are ready for a drink.

cocktail nail art
DIYNailArtDesigns | Flickr


3. Football soccer grassy nail art.

football soccer grassy nail art
Buzz Buzz Nail Art | Facebook



4. Hazard symbols. Getting ready for the danger.

hazard symbols nail art
Buzz Buzz Nail Art | Facebook


5. Minnie mouse.

Freehand Disney nail art with red and white polka dots, Mickey Mouse ears and 3D acrylic nail art on acrylic nails.

minnie mouse disney nail art
EyeCandyNails | Flickr


6. Pacman video game.

pacman nail art
Biamelie | Wikimedia Commons



7. Cheery Robot Lazer Attack Nail Art.

Hand-painted with Swarovski crystals for the lazer-eyes.

cheery robot lazer attack nail art
Buzz Buzz Nail Art | Facebook


8. Sadako from “Ringu”/”The Ring” film series. Enough creepy?

sadako the ring film nail art
KayleighOC | DeviantArt


9. Saw films inspired nail art.

saw movies inspired nail art
CharmainiacDesigns | DeviantArt


10. Treasure map nail art…and the adventure begins!

treasure map nail art
Buzz Buzz Nail Art | Facebook

Whatever design you like, the ingredients of the ‘recipe’ are just creativity, imagination and some skills.

Do you have better nail art designs to show? We will be happy to add them to the list. Share with us the link to your creations.


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