Buddha, His 2,500-Year-Old Remains May Have Been Discovered In This Ancient Chest Buried In China


jingchuan found cremated bones belonging buddha

China is nowadays famous for its economic power and ancient history. Now it may become even more popular after this stunning discovery. In Jingchuan County, inside a 1,000-year-old chest, archaeologists recently found cremated bones and now they think they may belong to the ‘enlightened one’ (aka ‘Buddha’).

Buddha is believed to have died 2,500 years ago and legend says his remains were spread around, wide and far. In 20 years two Buddhist monks, Yunjiang and Zhiming, seem to have collected 2,000 body pieces (cremated bones and teeth) belonging to Siddhartha Guatama (whose teachings became the foundations of Buddhism). The monks put them in a ceramic box, but they didn’t know that the place they chose to hide it would have been uncovered during roadworks over a millennia later.

cremated bones belonging buddha
The ceramic case containing the alleged remains of the Buddha. Credit: Photo courtesy Chinese Cultural Relics

In fact, it’s during these activities that villagers uncovered the chest, nearby a temple, alongside 260+ two metres tall Buddhist statues. A chest full of cremated bones, a chest that says they belong to Buddha, according to an inscription. And the stunning discovery was first published in Chinese Cultural Relics archaeology journal.

golden treasure chest containing buddhas skull
Golden treasure chest containing the Buddha’s skull. Credit: Photo courtesy Chinese Cultural Relics

So, may archaeologists have finally found the real Buddha’s remains? It would be definitely an exceptional and one-of-a-kind discovery. It’s not the first time they say they discovered some Buddha’s remains? Will it be the last time now? What do you think? In 2017 is this still important or irrelevant?

Credits: Daily Mail | Live Science


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