Discovered The Best Pool Player On Earth And It’s A Dog


This is Halo the Dog, the cute canine that is impressing the world, since its first appearance in 2009, with its incredible ability in playing the pool game and doing some amazing and effective shots.

They say this pooch lives in Los Angeles (USA). Its best game is, apparently, the pool and its cue is the paw. Whether it also enjoys a pint of bear between each game, we can’t know, but it could easily be our companion during our spare time at the pool bar.

This extraordinary animal is not only the best man’s friend, is also the best and most talented game player and partner and, in the event it could ever win the game, maybe the best award for it is a bone, the biggest one, but quite cheap, at least!

Since it can not use a real cue, it is not allowed to participate in any tournaments: human players are still safe and can continue to win!

Despite this and the doubt that it could be a computer manipulation or just a good video editing – after many many attempts – as someone commented, watching its videos is surely a lovely and funny moment and will make your day. So just relax and enjoy!

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