Dog With Broken Legs Found In A Ditch And Rescued. Now She Has A New Happy Family In Warsaw

dog rescue ditch poland
Łukasz Muniowski

A Poland couple spotted a severely injured dog hiding into a hole during their ride and decided to rescue her. This is the happy ending story of Łukasz Muniowski and his wife, Natalia who saved the puppy, named her Bobby and adopted her. Now they are a family with other rescued dogs living happily together in Warsaw.

In 2015 the couple was riding their bikes in the countryside in Poland and saw a dog into a ditch. After the surprising vision, the couple got close to the dog who moved back into the drain in an awkward way. The couple couldn’t describe how weird the dog’s run was. So awkward that they decided to rescue the dog…and eventually cure her.

The man started to dig with his hands under a big stone that was closing the hole in which the poor dog ran into – maybe hiding with fear. The dog started to growl, but it wasn’t a scary one and as soon as Łukasz put his hands slowly in there, the dog started to smell him and put her paws on his hands – what a lovely moment.

Bobby trusted the man and was ready to be helped. She was really in big need of help: she was skinny, dirty, and with broken legs. In fact, one of her back paws seemed to be hanging from a thread, the man said.

injured dog found ditch poland
Łukasz Muniowski

The couple rescued the dog and rush to a vet who told the dog might have been hit by a car or caught inside a hunting trap. The injuries were so bad that the vet wasn’t really sure if she could have had a good life…especially if she had to live alone, without a family. The vet refused to cure her – because considered it to dangerous for the dog – but the couple didn’t give up.

Łukasz and Natalia felt so touched – and determined – that they decided to give Bobby a home, and bring her to another vet. The Poland couple were so merciful and providential that adopted the puppy and brought her with them in Warsaw when she would have met their other rescued dog Leon, after being visited by a local veterinary.

dog rescue poland
Łukasz Muniowski

Bobby got one back leg amputated and the other one mended, and was given with a brace so that she could walk again thanks to the support. She was used to run during her sleep, but the couple thought Bobby couldn’t run again for real because of the injured legs. But one day, she started to tug the leash and suddenly began to run.

The dog looked so happy – and free – and now she can even take the stairs all by herself (the family lives on the third floor of an apartment, with no elevator). After a big suffering, Bobby is now having a happy and normal life: she runs, stays with other dogs, chases sticks, explores the forest, sniffs around…and spends her time with her new family hugging, resting and sleeping with the couple.

dog rescue poland with lukasz
Łukasz Muniowski

From a dog in danger, Bobby became a happy pet that received love and likes giving it back to the family who rescued her two years ago.

Dogs can be very social and lovely and Bobby confirms that. What do you think? Do you like dogs? Would you rescue it if needed?

Credits: The Dodo


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