Donald Trump Early Childhood House For Rent On Airbnb For 741 Dollars Per Night

outside donald trump childhood home

71 years ago Donald Trump came to birth and spent his early childhood in the New York borough of Queens. His home? A Tudor style villa with the traditional sloping roof and medieval style front. Sold last March for 2 million US Dollars you can now rent it on Airbnb and experience how Trump lived when he was a kid.

If you can spend 741 Dollars per night, you can live as the US president did, during his first four years of his life – at least in your imagination. For sure, for less than a thousand dollars you can feel the “presidential atmosphere” for one single day, jumping back in time in 1946 when Donald Trump was born.


How big is it?

bedroom donald trump childhood home

Five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, two sofa beds in a 185 sq m building, in which you will find additional 14 beds (7 bunk beds) placed by the host. If you and your friends – or relatives – are 16 or less, there is plenty of space for each of you.

Unless you don’t have a special invitation to visit the White House, this could be a unique opportunity for (almost) anyone to stay and sleep in a “presidential” residence. For this chance you have to thank the mysterious owner whose first idea was to turn the house into a library or museum, before changing his/her mind and make it available for “anyone”.


Will you find Trump inside?

living room donald trump childhood home

Well, not exactly him in person, but his “virtual” presence is deep. Not much has been changed since the Trumps lived there: the original kitchen, the opulent furnishings, pictures of Trump everywhere and a cover of People magazine featuring the president, his wife Melania and their son, Baron.


Where can you find the house?

Built in 1940 by developer Fred Trump for his family, the building is located in 85-15 Wareham Place, Jamaica Estates, New York.

painting donald trump childhood home

Now that the it is for rent, it’s attracting a lot of people, especially after Trump’s election. If you decide to spend some days there, you can have access to the entire house, except one private apartment within the house, where the current owner lives, the listing states.

Ready to experience something unique? You can find the listing and book your night on Airbnb website.

What kind of accommodation do you prefer? Opulent and luxurious locations or simple and humble “huts”?


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