Flight Passengers Get Stunned With Amazing Drawings ‘Coming To Life Through The Plane Window’

cupido drawing plane window
Stephen Palladino

For half of the planet summer is almost over and who knows how many of you went on holiday by plane in the last few months? And who knows how many others will flight even after summer? Whatever is its length, you must always find something to do during your flight. Do you like reading, talking, playing games, watching TV? There are several options for you to spend your time, but there is a guy in New York that found a really creative and unusual way to enrich his flight moments.

His name is Stephen Palladino. He is an international artist and his best ‘trip hobby’ is, apparently, painting on aircraft windows. People who had the pleasure to encounter him during his flights, had been impressed by his drawings that always tell stories, cleverly related to the flight and plane.

airplane drawing plane window
Stephen Palladino

A cupid, a flight car, a character in the clouds, Santa Claus flying with his sleigh and reindeer, a graffiti sprayer (or artist) whose wall (canvas) is the plane wing. These are some of the subjects this New York artist likes painting on glass during his flights.

faces drawing plane window
Stephen Palladino

Passengers are always stunned and can’t resist to stare at his ‘artworks’ and take pictures. Of course, Palladino art doesn’t limit to ‘pen on aeroplane window’ and you can discover all his artworks on his website or Instagram profile.

picacku drawing plane window
Stephen Palladino

Have you ever travelled by plane? What do you like to do during your flight? Maybe next time you will be so lucky to meet Stephen Palladino and take a shot at one of his artworks.



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