Massive Animal Rescue Off The Coast Of Sri Lanka: Elephant Dragged Out To Sea By Strong Currents

elephant rescued sri lanka sea

Sri Lankan, Tuesday July 11 – the national navy rescued a wild elephant dragged out to sea by strong currents.

During a routine patrol off the coast of Kokkuthuduwai in Kokilai, (country’s northeast), a Fast Attack Craft (FAC) spotted the elephant, who was struggling to stay afloat 16km off the coast of Sri Lanka.

This is another animal rescue story with a happy ending and humans demonstrate that they are not able only to hate, fight and kill.

navy rescu elephant sri lanka sea
Navy rescu elephant in Sri Lanka

This was a “massive” rescue operation that involved additional vessels with navy divers and Department of Wildlife officials who joined forces to provide necessary and vital instructions to successfully rescue the animal. Divers tied a rope around the stranded elephant and a vessel dragged the mammal back on dry land. The teams were busy in a six or more hours rescue operation. Fortunately, the elephant didn’t drown and he’s now safe and was eventually given a clean bill of health.

On this video you can see the big mammal trying to keep alive and breath by keeping the trunk up, above the water level, to get air.

But seeing an elephant in water is not so unusual. On the contrary, these mammals are good swimmers and they may do that to get to different landmasses, hoping they will not encounter severe currents during their trip and taking care not to take too long because swimming burns up a lot of energy and they get tired very quickly.



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