Electric Car Vs Cheetah In A Head-To-Head Ultimate Drag Race: The New Formula E TV Commercial To Save The World


electric car vs cheetah

On a desolate landing strip in southern Africa two ‘species’ of runners meet and challenge each other to survive, fight threats, grow and have a better future. One of them is an old animal, the other a futuristic car. This is the new TV commercial of FIA Formula E Championship where a cheetahs lined against a SPARK SRT_01E Formula E electric racing car in a head-to-head drag race. Who is faster? Why are they doing that?

They have similar performances and both need to survive for a better future, threatened by climate change and human activities. We know cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world, covering off 0-100km/h (62mph) in just three seconds, and so the car do. But there are only about 7,000 cheetahs living in the world. They are wide-ranging and sparsely distributed, needing a large landscape to survive. But with the fragmentation and loss of habitats and pray due to climate change, in addition to the threat coming from the illegal trade of cubs, this species is in real danger.

electric car vs cheetah formula e

The Formula E race has the aim to raise awareness on climate change, leading people to opt for electric cars, especially in city centres. By fighting and reducing pollution, we can save ourselves from self-extermination and also preserve our only land that we share with all other living creatures (cheetahs included).

Therefore, the spot is meant to symbolise the big challenge we have to face on this planet, not in the future, but now. We can have a future only if we work responsibly to preserve and improve the present. Hence Formula E is not just pure entertainment, but a mission, a must-do before it’s too late.

electric car vs cheetah formula e action

For the occasion, pilot Jean-Eric Vergne gladly accepted to race against a cheetah, hoping to encourage people to switch to a smart and clean electric mobility. So enjoy the video below and think carefully what’s the next step we all have to do.


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