Touching Story Of Enzo The Piglet: Rescued From A Busy Road By This Woman

francesca and rescued piglet enzo
Francesca McAndrews

A woman in Pennsylvania rescued a runaway injured piglet when she was rushing to work. She forgot the job and made a providential choice: save the baby pig who was darting through the morning traffic and keep it with her, giving the animal hope, a home and a new life.

This is the story of Francesca McAndrews, who was going to work during an ordinary day, and a little cute piglet. While driving on North Queen Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, during morning rush hours, Francesca spotted something tiny and unusual on the busy road: a pinky cute baby pig she later named Enzo.

Despite Enzo was injured with one leg bleeding and bruised, she was darting here and there through the big traffic. But Francesca didn’t ignore her, stopped the car and run to rescue the piglet who was believed to have somehow excaped a livestock transportation truck.

piglet enzo nursed francesca
Francesca McAndrews

Francesca felt so involved that she didn’t go to work that day, but rushed to the vet for immediate treatment. Unfortunately, the vet had already went away, but Francesca didn’t give up and arranged a visit at home.

Enzo had no broken legs, but she was suffering from a hernia – maybe caused by an untreated infected umbilical cord – and she was in a tremendous need of nursing and care.

Francesca took few advice from some experts and immediately started to bottle feed the sweet Enzo piglet and to take good care of her. She knew – or felt – since the beginning, she had to keep the baby pig and make her part of her life.

rescued pig enzo
Francesca McAndrews

Enzo was believed to be just 2-3 weeks old when she was rescued, and weighed only 7lbs. But now, thanks to Francesca, she’s growing well, fat and healthy. She’s now sweet, loving, playful, demanding and funny. She plays with paper towels, toes, jewellery and loves to get dirty.

But Enzo is still in need of help: a surgery to repair the hernia that’s building from her stomach. Waiting for the right time (weight), Francesca started a fundraising campaign last 14th July 2017 on gofundme. She aim to collect enough money for the surgery, all medical treatments, food and shelter.

You can contribute to the campaign too and also follow the story on the “Enzo the Escape Artist Piglet” Facebook page.

We wrote about rescue stories before, but it’s the first time we talk about rescued pigs. How do you think this story will end? Has it ever happened to you? Which animals have you rescued so far?


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