Fifa World Cup 2022: Qatar Will Have The First Fully Demountable Stadium Ever Created

qatar first demountable fifa world cup stadium

In occasion of the next 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar will astonish the world with a one-of-a-kind infrastructure: a fully demountable stadium that will change the way humans build things and face the environment impact.

It’s called Ras Abu Aboud Stadium. With its 40,000 seats it will host fans in an extraordinary location: a 450,000m2 waterfront site on Doha’s shore. The stadium features a bold and innovative design concept unique to any World Cup stadium ever made. For the first time we will be able to reduce the devastating impact on the environment – now become so fragile and threatened (Ed.).

first demountable fifa world cup stadium

The stadium will be constructed following a sustainable approach that will require fewer materials, create less waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the building process. Thanks to modular building blocks, each containing removable seats, concession stands, lavatories and other fundamental stadium elements, this infrastructure makes a unique venue that will lead all next stadium designs and the future of construction.

For the first time in the world, we will have a stadium that can be reassembled in a new location in its entirety or built into numerous small sports and cultural venues. Goodbye abandoned places (that, too frequently, remain unused after the event -Ed.). Thanks to Qatar and Doha, the world may know a new stage in building constructions, during which humans can seriously start respecting the planet much more, while optimizing the resources (both material and financial).

qatar outside first demountable fifa world cup stadium

Thanks to its innovative design, Ras Abu Aboud will receive a four-star Global Sustainability Assessment System certification, and will set a new standard that everybody will have to respect from this moment on. So see you in 2022, hoping we don’t destroy the world before (Ed.).

Credits: FIFA


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