Russia, From 2018 The Taxi Will Have Folding Wings And 5 Seats: Discover The Innovative “FORMULA” ATAAS

first flying taxi

“Taxi! Can you take me to the airport please? Yes, ready to fly now.” That’s what you will hear from 2018 in Russia where genius engineers at Hoversurf company designed the first flying taxi, an ATAAS (Air Transport As A Service) that will astonish anyone and make the future a reality.

It’s called FORMULA and from next year, it will take passengers from place to place above our heads, above traffic jams and lights. FORMULA is an advanced personal drone that can give people the freedom to fly. This innovative vehicle features four wheels, a Venturi electric turbine (that eliminates propellers and noise), on board GPS system, five seats, and two folding wings.

first flying taxi in flight

FORMULA can fly like a plane and can park like a car. It’s neither a copter nor an aeroplane: it’s a new concept that combines the best aspects from both of them.

Will there be a mess in the sky – and a lot of accidents? No, if the wings break off, or 50% of the turbines doesn’t work properly, FORMULA can still land safely. And no rotary engines means no accidents.

first flying taxi parked

Some key features in few words:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Up to 320 km/h
  • 450 km range
  • Low noise
  • Standard car size
  • 5 seats
  • Certificated parachute system
  • Plane mode
  • Up to 50% turbine failure does not lead to crash
  • 3 levels of safety control
  • Price: $97,000 (approx)

Are you eager to try it as soon as possible? The first prototype will be ready to fly by mid 2018, using the most advanced technology in the world.

Would you feel safe and ready to take a flying car? The future is just around the corner.


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