Cutest Thing You Will See Today: Rare Footage Of Sand Kittens Caught On Camera For The First Time

Grégory Breton

If you are here today it’s because you like cute things and you don’t want to miss the occasion to see something so rare that it’s the first time people see it. Something so unique that you might not have another chance for decades. So, what’s one of the cutest thing in the world? Some – or many – of you may reply “kittens”, fluffy sweet cubs you can’t resist from looking at and touching and cuddling (if you could). Today we are happy to show you what’s believed to be the first video of sand cats spotted in the wild.

These felines are so elusive and good in hiding that they have never been caught on camera before, researchers think. But thanks to Grégory Breton, of the global wild cat conservation group Panthera, and his colleagues, we have now the first video ever and the vision is massively heart-warming.

first wild sand cat kitten footage gregory breton
Grégory Breton

Breton was in the Moroccan Sahara, it was early morning and still dark, but this didn’t stop him to record what it might have been the cutest thing he saw that day. Although sand cats can blend perfectly with their surrounding thanks to their fur – becoming literally ‘invisible’ – he was able to take a footage of three kittens with lovely tiny eyes and probably not older than 6/8 weeks.

The vision is extremely touching and could calm down even the most evil person on earth (Ed). So take a minute to see the video below, it can risk to make your day!

Do you love felines? Would you pet one of these sand cats? Have you ever seen one before?


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