Flower Bouquet Travels To Space: The Double Beauty Of Nature And Earth From Above

flower bouquet in space
Azuma Makoto

Do you like flowers? How have you delivered them so far? This artist had the original idea to send a bouquet beyond the natural limits and now the flowers are looking at the planet earth from a very high spot: the stratosphere.

Lady and Gents, this is Azuma Makato, a Japanese flower artist who, in collaboration with JP Aerospace, SIX Inc., Hakuhodo Product’s Inc. and Mt. MELVIL, used flowers as a ‘rocket’ and launched them into space.

Extraordinary and unique shots caught on camera, show the beauty of flowers on a stunning blue and white background: our ‘beloved’ planet earth.

flower bouquet on space
Azuma Makoto

We are glad to introduce you the “Exobiotanica 2 -Botanical Space Flight-” instalment that took place last 12 August 2017 in Lovelock Desert, Nevada, USA. This is the fourth one of an experimental series called “In Bloom” where flowers are arranged in naturally impossible situations.

For this instalment, flowers have been launched into the stratosphere: a 6kg bouquet with a 1.5m diameter. To best capture the process of change and movement in the flowers with full clarity, a medium-format mirrorless camera has been used.

The artist and his team recorded an epic documentary of the flowers’ progress from ground to heavens and back: how the landscape changed in lighting and contrast, how the flowers reacted in an environment of -60°C and how they scattered and felt back to the ground.

flower bouquet space
Azuma Makoto

The flowers flew at an average altitude of 100,000 feet and the images are stunning.

It’s the second time Azuma Makato lets the plant life visit the Space. The first instalment took place in July 2014 in Black Rock Desert (Nevada). In that occasion, a 50-year-old pine bonsai tree and a smaller bouquet of flowers were launched at an altitude of 30,000 metres and minus 50 degrees Celsius. You can see the photo gallery on EXOBIOTANICA website.

If you like space, nature and evolution, Makato made it a piece of art and all you have to do is to enjoy the spectacular photos.


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