Abu Dhabi, Ultimate Pitch Invasion During Football Match By A ‘Crazy’ Fan In His Car


In Abu Dhabi under-18s football players and the stadium goers were having a good fun when something unexpected happened: a ‘crazy’ fan might have pushed his love for the team beyond the limits and invaded the pitch driving his car.

Players, officials and fans in attendance remained astonished when a driver did the ultimate pitch invasion of all times: he entered the field driving a white VW Beetle and spread the chaos among the young players for 16 seconds before speeding off.

People watching and playing the match between Al-Jazeera and Shabab Al-Ahly might have not believed their eyes when the driver unexpectedly appeared on the pitch in his car, forcing the players to ran for their safety.

The incident was caught on camera by Sharjah Sports TV and went immediately viral on social media. Some users find it was funny, while others judge it dangerous, thinking the person should be persecuted to avoid similar scenes in the future.

Fortunately, nobody in the field was injured, and what’s left from that day is just a stunning video among many others on YouTube.

Are you a football soccer fan or player? What’s the weirdest pitch invasion you have ever experienced in your life?

Credits: Arab News


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