People’s Reaction in Front of a Freezing Young Homeless [Hidden Camera]


We are in 2017 now and poverty in the world is still high, a very huge problem and a massive social crisis that no one should ignore. According to The State of Homelessness in America 2015 there were more than half a million homeless in USA. But how people react to this? What people do to help these people or improve the situation?

Programmes like the BBC show What Would You Do? has become a successful phenomena attracting a lot of audience on YouTube, showing how people would react to several situations, by using hidden cameras and the new technology.

Using this same format, OckTV produced a “social experiment” about homeless. They shoot a video that shows how people in New York reacted after they see a poor boy in tattered pants and a ripped T-shirt, without shoes, standing on the busy pavement and asking for some helpin a freezing day with just 5 degrees.

What would people do? What would you do if you were there? Would there be someone helping him, especially when, at some point, it starts laying down trying to find some kind of protection inside a black trash bag?

Freezing Homeless Child Experiment

The following video will reveal that the help will come eventually, but not from someone you may expect. Apparently, it seems it’s another homeless – who knows well how struggling poverty is and how we can feel when in troubles. Loads of “busy” – apparently wealthy – people didn’t lift a finger. We don’t really know if it was just distrust or fear or simply a selfish indifference, nor we know whether it’s been all staged and if the caring homeless is part of the “social experiment” – with the only aim to attract the attention and gain views (but it’s not up to us to judge that).

One thing is for sure: all the other people couldn’t be actors and part of the stage and their reaction/behaviour is undeniable: some one seems to be touched by the sad situation and as if he wish to do something, but he didn’t at the end (we don’t dare to judge his reasons too, because we are not either the Court nor God). We don’t know the whole situation nor we were there in person. For a wider look and to have another point of view, you may read this article and discover what, instead, web site thinks about this “experiment” and the truth behind it.

On this article, we just would like to show you some facts with the hope to lead people reflect on this topic and become better humans for a better planet and life where men help each others, when and in the ways they can.

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