Germany VS. “Rest of the World”: What’s the Best Sound


Can you speak German? Have you ever been in Germany or do you have any relatives and friends from that Country?

If yes, you probably already know how German sounds compared to the other languages. If not, this video will show you how different it can be compared to English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Do you know how to say and pronounce “Aeroplane” in French, Italian, Spanish and German? No? Now you may learn it.
And what about “Surprise”, “Butterfly”, “Daisy”, “Ambulance”, “Science”, “Hippopotamus”, “Sex”, “Sorry”, “Hospital”, “Cinderella”, “Canary”?

How German can make you feel compared to the other languages? Will it be funny, aggressive, weird or wrong? If you can speak one of these languages, you can be our judge and tell us if they are correct … but don’t take it too seriously: on the other hand, it’s not a world competition!

So guys, did you enjoy it? Which language, world and voice are the most beautiful to hear on your opinion? How does the same world can make you feel when spoken in different languages?
Let us know which one wins the battle of the more aggressive, polite, elegant, charming or funnier language.

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