Get Your Lady Parts Tingling


Australia’s famous Thunder From Down Under is taking us by storm – because who doesn’t drool over shirtless cowboys with thick boots and cowboy hats, these pagan gods of beauty, working their chiseled bodies glowing under the sweltering heat of a desert?

Who knew what a calender shoot could do to our hearts? That’s right – Australia’s Thunder From Down Under’s 2017 Calender Shoot is a wonder in itself. Revel in the beauty of these seductive epitomes of perfection in a feast of flesh and fantasy.

From the way they saunter through the desert, to the distinct set of six pack abs, to the smooth pectorals and the cut of their biceps, it is a view you cannot resist.

Join the crew for a night full of seductive routines, brazen humor, and a group of men you won’t take your eyes off of.

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