World’s First Giant Panda Shaped Solar Power Plant To Provide The “sweetest” Energy Ever In China


giant panda solar power project china

This post is meant for any animal lover…oh sorry, for any science lover. Actually I must admit I would suggest it to both people because we are going to talk about the first giant Panda shaped solar power plant ever build in the world.

The “cute and sweet” infrastructure is “made in China” and it’s located in the Asian country (Datong, Shanxi Province of China).

The world’s first panda power plant was born from the idea of a Chinese student moved to the USA. And now, the “iconic animal” will provide green energy to million of people.

Some interesting facts and numbers:

This Datong Panda Power Plant extends on a 248 acres area and was connected to the grid on 29th June 2017 with a capacity of 100MW. The design was possible using black single crystalline silicon solar cells from a Chinese company and white thin-film solar cells supplied by First Solar in the U.S.

giant panda solar power china

This is the first of a long series: the company aims to build 100 more sites of the same kind along the Silk Road for a total investment of three billion dollars. Upon completion of the program, they will provide 3.2 billion kWh of green energy in 25 years.

This ambitious project will allow to save 1,056 million tons of standard coal or to reduce 2.74 million tons of CO2 emission. Panda Green Energy Group Limited company built the power plant in agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to promote renewable energy.

china giant panda solar power

This is a great message to the new generations that will hopefully grow becoming more aware of the importance of preserving the environment from as much pollution as possible. On the other hand, we can’t afford to destroy our own “bed”, because there can’t be any future without a liveable planet. For this purpose, the company is also planning to open summer camps for young people, so that they can be educated about green energies and environmental protection.

A wiser and forward-looking vision is (one of) the keys to human survival.


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