‘Bugs Bunny’ Becomes Giant With Ex Playboy Model Annette Edwards And Her Rabbits Darius, Jeff And Grace

giant rabbit darius
Darius Giant Rabbit. Picture: Annette Edwards

Bugs Bunny‘ was used to spend his time on TV and is currently one of the most famous characters in the world. Now he’s became giant after ‘meeting’ former Playboy model Annette Edwards. The model breeds the world’s largest rabbits and has been the owner of over a hundred of these fluffy animals.

In 2015 the woman stunned the world with her 4 feet long rabbit Darius reaching the world’s record. A year later, she broke her own record with Darius’ son Jeff and his 4ft 5in length – the size of an average seven-year-old child.

Whilst the owner became famous on paper thanks to her past work, her fluffy friends are becoming famous too thanks to their pictures…and size.

giant rabbit jeff
Jeff Giant Rabbit

Darius was 5-year old at the time and belongs to the Continental Giant breed. These rabbits are among the largest in the world. Rabbits like Darius and Jeff are now very popular and many people would like to own one. Although they may be massive, they are fantastic as a pet: calm, curious, interactive with children and adults with their own identity (just as humans).

Maybe that’s why Annette Edwards – former Playboy model (but not a Bunny Girl), decided to breed this species since 2008. And this year 2017 she may break another record with ‘Grace’, the Darius’ daughter. Grace is now almost 7-months-old and already weights 7.56kg, and measures 945mm (3ft).

giant rabbit grace annette edwards
Grace Giant Rabbit. Picture: Annette Edwards | Twitter

What’s the secret of this huge size? Nutritious food, Annette said. And if you are afraid you’ll spend to much for just few months of ‘friendship’, you should know that a healthy Conti can live up to 5-7 years.

If a Continental Giant was originally bred for its meat and fur, now people like Annette is making it a companion for every people’s life – or for personal appearances even on TV, making her earn an important amount of money. In fact, thanks to its docile and friendly nature, a Conti is a cute pet to see roaming around in your house or in the courtyard. But if you may think this rabbit is not for you, you may reconsider your opinion after seeing some of these pictures.

jeff giant rabbit

Next time you ‘meet’ a rabbit, will you desire to eat or to pet it? Let us know what you think.


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