Giant Rat Can Crack Coconuts With Its Teeth: The New Stunning Discovery In Solomon Islands


giant rat discovered solomon island

It is 50 centimetres long, it weights 500 grams and was recently discovered in the Solomon Islands. It is so big that can open coconuts with just its teeth – according to the local people. But our new ‘friend’ is now at risk of extinction. Its main threat? Humans. Did you understand what we are talking about? A giant rat.

Until 2015 only local people knew about it. But now that it’s been discovered and then identified in 2017 as a new species, with the technical name of “Uromys Vika”, researchers also realised it’s already risking extinction.

This rat could escape the ‘eyes of science’ until now thanks to its elusive behaviour and a life spent on trees. In fact, the first specimen discovered, was found after a tree was cut down on the island of Vangunu in November 2015.

The massive rodent was examined by researches and the DNA analysis confirmed it to be a new species never classified before. The findings have been published and you can read the details in the Journal of Mammalogy.

coconut opened by giant rat solomon islands
Coconut opened by giant rat. Photo: Tyrone Lavery | The Field Museum

Unfortunately human actions already destroyed 90% of its habitat, the local rain forests, putting the newly found animal at big risk – and not only it (Ed.). Will we be able, one day, to create good and long lasting things, rather than destroying them? So far only God succeeded in it – but men are not gods and their results prove it (Ed.).


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