G.I.N. Expedition: How To Cross Greenland On Ski For 550km In 28 Days

gin expedition in greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

An overcast sky, cold northerly wind, breezy mornings, fog, heavy snow, storms and severely low temperatures (-20°C to -35°C), but sometimes the comfort of a sunny, calm and nice weather, and beautiful red sunsets. Welcome to Greenland. Here, between August and September 2017, a team of seven people started – and lately completed – an extreme adventure: the G.I.N. Expedition across the icecap interior, from east to west coast, like Fridtjof Nansen did for the first time ever more than a century ago in 1888.

After weeks of struggle and commitment, the team managed to complete the expedition, arriving to Kangerlussuaq, West Coast, last 12th September. The deep passion, strength, motivation and expertise allowed the members to cover 550km just on ski.

start gin expedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

Departing on 16th August, they walked under challenging harsh weather and conditions for 28 days. In their bags? Just a tent, cooker, sleeping bag, 35kg of lyophilised food, dried reindeer meat, parmesan cheese, a bottle of Cognac, and of course the mountaineering equipment. All transported on two sledges per person with a total weight of 70kg.

ski gin expedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

Bård Helge led the expedition with a team composed by seven members from Norway, German and Italy. Bård crossed the icecap three times before and this was the fourth one.

To represent the Italian peninsula there was journalist Leonardo Bizzaro from Turin.

tend gin expedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

From German three people joined the expedition: management consultant Thomas from Berlin; tax lawyer Martin Klein, and civil servant Beate Klein both from Frankfurt.

gin expedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

The Norwegian country gave the remaining three members: Bård Helge from Snåsa, Sindre (co guide of the team) from Trondheim who’s been studying Arctic Friluftsliv at the Uni og Tromsø, and Special Nurse Grete Karin, originally from Romsdal but currently living in Skien and experienced in winter travels.

river gin espedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

At the end “it was a well executed expedition”, the team wrote on the official blog, and confirmed that the recent heavy snow falls and the reduction of ice melting, have caused, for the first time in the century, the growth of the Greenland ice mass.

iceberg gin expedition greenland
Leonardo Bizzaro

Do you like winter, snow and skiing? Would you do that in Greenland rather than in the comfort of a resort?

Credits: Borge Ousland Polar ExplorationLa Repubblica


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