Technological And Luxurious House Gets Wings With Global 7000, The Biggest Private Aircraft In The World

cabin global 7000 biggest aircraft in the world

It can accommodate 19 people, it’s full of technology and luxury and will “watch” us from above. This is the Global 7000: the world’s biggest private jet charter ever created. It’s been presented in Las Vegas and designed by Canadian Bombardier Aerospace.

This aeroplane is stunning and any one who will get on board will remain astonished by its interior design and all the equipment it brings with it.

Global 7000 is so amazing that it’s already sold out until 2021 and if you would like to buy one get ready to pay 72 million dollars.

Just to give you an idea, this massive aeroplane features:

  • four living/dining rooms (that clients can customise as they want);

  • a large bedroom;

bedroom global 7000 biggest aircraft in the world
  • a separate area for the crew;

  • innovative TVs and an internet connection in any area.

tv area global 7000 biggest aircraft in the world

If you thought an aeroplane could never be a home, a comfortable and stylish place to spend memorable moments, the Global 7000 Aircraft will make you change your mind.

According to the company, this ‘monster’ “is redefining its segment in terms of performance, smooth ride and interior comfort“. It’s uniquely designed from the inside out and will deliver a cabin experience like no other. And to make everything even more comfortable, both speed, range and control have been optimised to have a perfectly smooth ride, steep approach capability and short field performance.

If you have enough money and need to travel from Dubai to New York City, London to Singapore or Sydney to San Francisco non-stop, The Global 7000 business aircraft will be your first choice.

Who knows what the next step will be? Will they bring a ‘castle’ inside an aeroplane? We just need to sit and wait.


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