Easy Way to Grow Vegetables at Home From Kitchen Scraps

grow vegetables at home from kitchen scraps

Any living being need to eat in order to survive. This is life. Nowadays almost everything must be bought at the market, making us almost slaves of the system. But after watching this video, you may reconsider your thoughts. This article will show you how to grow 7 vegetables easily at home from kitchen scraps. There’s no need to throw away your trash – at least for something: now you can reuse it to have more and more again, without the need to spend any further money – except from a knife, glass, water, soil and a planter.

Let’s see together how to do that for the lettuce, mint, basil, green onion, celery, onion and garlic.

1. Lettuce

lettuce vegetable scraps

  • Cut it and keep 5cm (2in) of the base
  • Put it on a glass with a bit of water
  • Transfer to soil after 5-7 days


2. Mint and 3. Basil

mint and basil kitchen scraps

  • Cut it and keep 7.5cm (3in) of the top part;
  • Put it on a glass of water;
  • Transfer to soil when roots grow 5cm (2in).


4. Green onion

green onions kitchen scraps

  • Cut it and keep the base: 5cm (2in);
  • Put it on a bit of water into a glass;
  • Transfer to soil after 5-7 days (optional).



5. Celery

celery kitchen scraps

  • Cut it and keep 5cm (2in) of the base;
  • Put on a bowl with a bit of water;
  • Transfer to soil after 5-7 days.


6. Onion

onions vegetable scraps

  • Slice it around the base and keep it intact;
  • Transfer it directly into soil covering it completely.


7. Garlic

garlic vegetable scraps

  • Take a couple of cloves and put them into soil (like done with onion).


Now you just need to wait for the vegetables to grow over and over again. Watch this video for a live guide and understand better what you have to do.

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