36-Year-Old Homeless Man Becomes Hero After Saving Toddler And Infant From Fire

homeless saves two children from the fire
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue | Facebook

The day was going as usual for the homeless Anival Angulo in Las Vegas, but what he did lately turned him from overlooked and mistreated to hero.

The 36-year-old “clochard” was walking along the street when he saw some smoke and fire coming out from a building and with them…cries, desperate calls for help from little children whose only hope, that day, was the encounter with a hero.

las vegas homeless saves two children from the fire
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue | Facebook

That day in the American famous city of Las Vegas, the main topics were not gambling, entertainment and lights, but a heroic action only people who knows the real value of life can do. Anival didn’t hesitate when he heard the cries, and immediately managed to enter the building jumping over a gate and rushing toward the sound.

When the homeless hero entered the apartment what he found in front of him were a 3-year-old toddler and a 10-month-old infant he promptly took out from that ‘hell’. The providential intervention of Anival saved two lives (the children were took to the hospital for check-up, but were well and safe thanks to him).

homeless saves two children from the fire usa
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue | Facebook

People now want to help him and repay his heroic action by raising money online through a crowdfunding campaign. You can join the donors community by making a donation on gofundme.com, sharing the initiative and helping them reach the $2,000 goal or even surpass it.


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