How To Surprise The Guests At Your Wedding: The Outstanding Performance Of Horse Vaulter Joanne Eccles


joanne eccles and hausband wedding

28 years ago, in Great Britain, a baby girl came to birth. Her name…Joanne Idonia Eccles. What people didn’t know is that she would have celebrated her wedding in a really unique way. She grew up with a special bonding with horses, becoming an international equestrian vaulter champion. Now she decided to bring her passion at her wedding ceremony too. This is how she surprised her guests during her special – once-in-a-lifetime – moment.

Joanne Idonia Eccles married Joanne Littlejohn last 13th August 2017, in a traditional Scottish party. But when it came to entertainment, she opted for a memorable show that reflects her successful past.

joanne eccles and husband kiss

During her horse vaulting career Joanne Eccles earned the European and world champion titles. In addition, for her “outstanding achievement or service to the community”, she’s also been given an M.B.E. honour last 17th June 2017. Unfortunately, in 2014 she stopped vaulting, embracing the career as a dentist and trainer. But her new life didn’t stop her previous passion to come out and bring her on saddle again – maybe for the last time (Ed.) – with an outstanding performance only real champions can give…in her wedding attire.

Hence, not only sitting, kissing and ordinary poses in her wedding photo book.

She also delighted everyone with:

joanne eccles standing horse


joanne eccles standing horse with husband

…riding her horse.

Do you like horses and riding them? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with a horse? Would you feel surprised and amazed if the bride and groom started vaulting during their wedding?

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