A Toy for Horses or a Horse for Toys?


This planet is full of animals and life. Some of them are strange, dangerous or shy, while others are friendly, cute and helpful. In this last category we can surely find horses. Big, powerful, in some way with a wild nature, but also beautiful, helpful and friendly: a good companion for men, with which we can either work or have some fun.


But who said that only humans deserve to have fun and enjoy playful and relaxing moments?

That’s why the market now offers toys and treats for your horse too, especially those who grow in stalls:

  • Hanging boredom breakers to lick with custom flavours (apple, carrots, etc.) that not only horses will like: both a toy and a snack.
  • Big balls to kick and chase endlessly, allowing your horse to run and relieve some stress.
  • Hanging balls made of several kind of food and ready to be eaten in the stall or outside in the pasture (something that even deer and cattle may love eating).

And there is also something else we discovered: an unusual toy the horse in this video seems to love greatly. A perfect gadget for his entertainment … and a perfect alarm for the owners may he try to play during night: a rubber chicken.
Yes, your dog is not the only one who likes running around, “playing the gentle sound of a chicken”: your horse, too, can be a perfect, energetic and untiring “player”.

Would it be pleasing or annoying? Let’s discover it together on this video:

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