How to Become a Wooden Puppet Doll: Between Illusion and Reality


Do you like dolls and puppets? Which material do you prefer? Is wood the best one? What if a person can become a wooden puppet?

This Serbian woman can transform herself in a wooden puppet doll … swinging in a metal spring. How? She is very skilled and incredibly talented in dealing with illusions and make-up and this video will show you how she could do the make-up illusion that made her win the NYX Face Awards Serbia 2016.

This is Kika Mirjana Milosevic and she is a professional creative make up artist and skin illusionist. She was born in Smederevo in 1982 and her parents are often found by her say that first began to draw and then to walk.

What sets her apart from other artists? She never paints on a canvas, but she’s always interested in a different surface for painting. That’s why she started to work murals, interior and exterior designs, body and face painting for movies and music videos. She is specialized in special fx make up and creates video tutorials and vloggs on YouTube.

This woman’s make-up skills are terrifying the internet and made her in Top 10 world body painters.

Would you like to become a doll? Do you need some “make-up magic” for your carnival parties and events or more? Maybe she can help you straight away. In the mean time, you can watch this video and discover how she can totally transform herself in a puppet.

Can you do the same? Do you feel better than her? Which make-up of hers do you like most?

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