How to Decorate Your Toilet Like a Christmas Tree


Wow! now you can provide a comfortable illumination during your late-night bathroom breaks and bring a little intimate happiness to your personal moments.
Christmas season? You can finally decorate your toilet like a tree.
After Christmas? You can leave the lights and turn your bathroom into a night dancing pool (but be careful when you move, Ed.).

How to do that? Thanks to this new gadget now on sale in the market: a LED sensored toilet night light. It is motion activated and turns on when you approach the toilet, while turns off when you leave. With a soft and flexible PVC neck, the LED slips snugly under the lip and can fit any toilet, offering different colours with two modes: rotating or fixed colour scheme.

With the rotating scheme, the fun is assured during your night breaks. When you are too tired for “entertainment”, just set the colour that best matches your mood and your toilet will be your perfect “companion” … at least for a little while. But don’t run out of energy or the happiness will leave you … until you buy (or recharge) 3 new AAA batteries.

Do you think it is really funny or useful? Would you like to get one for yourself or as a gift?
Here just some online shops where you can find and buy it at a convenient price:

Accessory to color the toilet

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