How to Make an Office Supply a “Weird Toy for Few”


best pencil sharpener

Everyone has been at school or simply used a pencil sharpener at home or at the office, at least once in his own life, is it true?

Well, over the years, the function of this item has been always the same, but the look and design changed. Therefore, you can find out, nowadays, a lot of models for any taste and style, sometimes with a really funny shape:

  • Vintage toy,
  • Pinocchio,
  • Horse cart,
  • Robot,
  • Big Ben Clock,
  • Pot,
  • Nose,
  • Old machine (photo camera, stove, etc.),
  • Wild west traditional carriage,
  • Lantern,
  • Animal,
  • Grinder,
  • Scary doll.

In addition to them, you may also encounter an unexpected kind of pencil sharpener. Defined by someone on the net “a high-class fashionable gadget”, it could look like rude, pervert and inappropriate. Maybe it’s for naughty minds only. We don’t need to mention it, since it’s immediately clear on this video: not just a sharpener, but a kind of interactive toy with movements and sound.

I wouldn’t bring and use it at the office or at home, in front of my children, or even alone (my partner is better and enough, Ed.)

Maybe it is weird, but we have free will. So, could somebody find it even fun? it’s up to each of us.
What’s your choice? Would you buy and use it? Do you think it’s appropriate?
Would you just give it away as a funny gift to a friend?
Or would you buy all of the available items on the market and keep them hidden from the eyes and ears of each human being?

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