How to Peel Fruits in no Time With Extraordinary Results


Do you like fruits and vegetables? Have you ever thought that they are so delicious, but it would be even better if you could peel them immediately?

Don’t worry, because sometimes “nightmares can be defeated” and thanks to the technology, life can become easier, faster and satisfying. That’s why we decided to share with you this video: watching it and the appliances they are using is so hypnotic.

1. You can shell green peas and beans like “The Flash”.

Without making your hands dirty, you can taste your vegetables as if they had grown “ready-to-eat”.

2. You can peel oranges, pineapples (extracting the edible part), kiwi, watermelons and many other fruits.

The result is amazing and so beautiful, isn’t it? It makes you peel over and over again, just for the satisfaction of seeing the perfect and fast peeling.
If you have been always too lazy to prepare desserts, cakes, cocktails or similar, you have no excuse any more.

3. Do you like pomegranate? So much that you would like to eat the inside immediately?

No problems: now you have an excellent solution for stripping processes that require quantity and optimization. It looks like shooting with a gun.

4. Thanks to these appliances it’s also very easy, comfortable and satisfying to split and cut olives.

You will prepare your appetizer or salad in no time … and splitting olives is so time consuming … unless you love to eat the pits too.

5. What about nuts? Delicious fruits, so fast to eat and so long and annoying to open.

Well, not necessarily: this “little piece of plastic” can help you break the shell of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts almost in the blink of an eye.

What do you think about these machines and the results? Do you already know or own some of them or similar? Are there any other better appliances you can suggest us?

If you like these appliances and would like to know more, they are Pelamatic S.L. and you can enjoy other videos of them on their YouTube channel.

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