Lonely Husky Dog Escapes To Meet And Hug His Friend Labrador: The Story Of Messy And Audi

husky messy hugs labrador audi thahiland
Oranit Kittragul

What’s the best man’s friend? What’s yours? And what’s the best dog’s friend? This story will reveal you the answer: in both cases it may be another dog.

This is the story of Messy, a yellow Labrador dog whose best friend is Audi, a Husky dog, and their story is incredibly amazing, sweet and heart-warming.

Messy lives with his owner Oranit Kittragul in Thailand and on the other side of the street there is a house with another dog: Audi. So it happens that the owner is frequently out for work, leaving the poor husky alone all day long. Audi gets anxious, nervous, frustrated and sad, and may bark and cry continuously.

That’s when Messy comes to the aid. Every time Audi barks, Messy looks from the fence and sometimes he barks to Audi in reply. The owner doesn’t know what they are communicating, but Audi seems to be comforted and stops.

And when Messy goes out for a walk, Oranit, his owner, allows him to get close to Audi and to the gate that rises between the two friends. It looks like they really enjoy the moment and there’s no reason to stop them from doing that (Ed.).

dog escapes yard hugs best friend messy audi thailand
Oranit Kittragul

This “animal friendship” is so unique – maybe even more than a human relationship (Ed.) – that one day Audi’s owner forgot to latch the gate of his yard and Audi found a way out and a chance to reach his best friend Messy. The two pets perched upon the fence and started to exchange sights and affection.

The bond became deep when they literally hugged each other. A lovely scene that Oranit fixed in time by taking a snapshot of the moment.

The case became viral on social media and Oranit now hopes to convince the Audi’s owner to let the two dogs meet each other and stay together when he is out for work, so that they can get reunited and enjoy their sweet relationship.

Do you own any dogs? How is the relationship with you or with the other dogs (and animals)? Feel free to tell us your story and we will be glad to share it with the world, to demonstrate how special and beautiful a relationship can be, even between animals.

Credits: The Dodo


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