Young-Sung Kim And His Mesmerizing Hyper-Realistic Paintings That Look Like Real


In early 21st century an evolved kind of art was born. In 1973 in Seoul came to birth a man who would express this art at its max. Now, in 2017, amazing images and shoots show the incredible hyperrealism art of Young-sung Kim, the Korean artist who creates paintings that look like photos or real living creatures.

His artworks are so stunning that looks alive, and videos published on Social Media show how he does it, the whole process. The creation is hypnotic and people who see his paintings can’t believe their eyes.

The fish in the glass


The lizard on the wrench. A 145x97cm oil on canvas


The snail on the fork…

the snail on the fork hyperrealist painting
Young-sung Kim | Facebook


…or on a silver metal dice. Definitely mesmerizing.


The frog in the glass


A really detailed giant fly

giant fly hyperrealist painting
Young-sung Kim | Facebook

This time-lapse video shows how the artist creates an awe-inspiring fish that you won’t believe it’s just a painting. Colours, reflections, lights and technique are incredible…like his patience.

The Young-sung Kim’s hyper-realistic paintings are so detailed and perfect that it takes him between 3 to 10 months to complete just one of his masterpieces.

Young-sung Kim seems to prefer animals, but he doesn’t mind paintings humans too, either coloured or in black and white. For example “The Golf” series where he brilliantly reproduced people playing the game. What it looks like an old vintage photo is actually an oil on canvas painting.


In the era of HD photos, videos, 3D rendering and powerful computers, is it really necessary and requested to use the hyperrealism technique? How can this kind of artist give some additional value with hyper-realistic paintings?

On my opinion, it they are just a perfect copy of a photo the advantage is limited. But what if the painter is able to add variations and creates a new different – maybe customised – composition?


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