9 Unique Opportunities To Invest Directly Into Large Scale Agro-Forestry Projects


Do you like nature? Are you looking for new and favorable risk/return profile assets? We discovered how to do both: GWDForestry, a company offerning direct investment into sustainably managed agro-forestry plantations in Canada, Europe and Brazil.

According to them, agro-forestry is a proven asset class with 65-75% of the returns driven by biological growth. Therefore you can get either long-term capital appreciation or annual income over time.

GWD Forestry essentialy offers solutions that allow people to invest small amounts of money into agro-forestry (from 5,000 Euro up to 250,000 Euro). With a presence in over 8 countries and forestry operations located over 3 continents, this company offers 9 projects, 6 of which are still open to investors. Let’s discover them together.



1. Canadian Poplar Project

poplar biomas project
GWD Forestry

A 3 years short term project based on the wood pellets market, whose demand is expected to triple by 2020. You invest €5,000 to buy one acre of densely planted Salicaceae Poplar clones with a projected return of €9,750.


2. Acacia Mangium Project

acacia project
GWD Forestry

A successful investment opportunity in the company’s agro-forestry portfolio located in Brazil. The end user markets are diverse with endless possibilities. They plant, manage and harvest the trees and process the timber in order to obtain the best possible prices for their clients.


3. Annatto Seed Project

annatto seed project
GWD Forestry

Income based investment, always in a project located in Brazil. The seeds are harvested ensuring that they achieve the highest possible market price.
Why this seed? Because Annatto is the stunning, natural orange-red colour added to hundreds of food consumed by millions of people around the world every day.


4. Rapid Growth Biomass Project

biomass project
GWD Forestry


A Short Term investment in the wood chip pellet/biomass market (a sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly fuel). Your money go to sustainable short rotation plantations in Brazil with a market expansion that is expected to at least double by 2020.


5. Black Perigord Truffle Project

black perigord truffles project
GWD Forestry

Another income based investment where you will deal with The Black Périgord Truffle Project in Soria, Castilla y Léon, Brazil. This project offers profitable returns from a highly sought and specialized crop. The whole process is managed by their expert team.


6. Mixed Premium Hardwood Project

mixed hardwood project
GWD Forestry

A capital growth and income based investment opportunity with a high capital return expected. The project involves the plantation of African Mahogany and Acacia trees in Bahia State, Brazil.
Although currently closed to new investors, we would like to list the remaining 3 projects for completeness.


7. Eucalyptus Project

eucalyptus project
GWD Forestry

A capital growth investment into the Brazilian agro-forestry. Currently the project is on schedule with first harvest progressing this year 2017.


8. Christmas Tree Project

christmas tree project
GWD Forestry

This is the first commercial agro-forestry project of the company, introduced into the European Investment Market. It was proposed in late 2007 and focused on the development of Christmas tree crops within the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.


9. Green Coconuts Project

green coconut project
GWD Forestry

An annual income investment to provide the Coconut Water industries in Bahia (Brazil) with they essential ingredient: Green Coconuts.

Info by GWDForestry

Do you already know this company and projects? Did you discover similar opportunities that are even more profitable? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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