iPhone X And Animoji: How You Can Transform Into 3D Animated Emoticons And Sing Karaoke


iPhone x and animoji singer karaoke

According to lifehack.org there are 5 good reasons why people who sing are happier and healthier. In fact, it’s undeniable almost everyone in the world like singing, no matter how good they are. And now the new iPhone X is adding a new original way to let people sing.

From festivals, to events and shower. Every place is good to sing and we developed a lot of ways for both professionals and amateurs. Now people can have an additional and more creative and involving – yet funny – possibility to enjoy this instinctive art thanks to the new iPhone X. Users become 3D animated emoticons and can sing karaoke in front of their smartphone, and share the result with the whole world – or their close community.

This innovation is made of two main “ingredients”:

  • TrueDepth camera technology
  • Animoji

The TrueDepth camera is a tiny space that houses cameras and sensors that enable Face ID. Thanks to this, your face is your password. It projects and analyses more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face.

When it comes to entertainment, the new Apple device puts together the TrueDepth technology and emoticons. It analyses more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji. You then become an animated virtual character that replicates your movements. This innovative technology allows you to record yourself while you speak and move, and send the videos with audio to your friends as a message.

Exploiting this feature, some companies thought to match the old and well known karaoke with this new technology and created apps that allow you to sing, record yourself, turn your face in a cute animal that moves exactly like you did, and publish your karaoke moments online with the hashtag #AnimojiKaraoke.

Apps like Animojis got Talent or the upcomoing karamoji are making it a true viral phenomenon and the fun is granted. Solo, duets, trios, quartets, choir. The chances to have fun are unlimited and anyone can join the club.

People are spending an amazing time singing, in playback or with their real voice, the most famous songs such as:

“Bohemian Rapsody”


“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”


A Cappella “Star Wars” Theme Song


“Hold On”

These are just few examples. So, would you like to sing like a unicorn, a rabbit, a fox or even a poop? You need an iPhone X.

Have you already recorded yourself? Feel free to share your performance with us by commenting below.


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