Talented Illustrator Ignored By Italian Companies Immediately Hired In The USA By The New Yorker

illustrator simone massoni
Simone Massoni

At the beginning he was a talented comics illustrator, and he had a dream, but all the Italian companies ignored him, until he went to the USA.

This is the story of a dream become true for the Italian illustrator Simone Massoni who found all the doors closed (and no chance) in his country, but ‘had his revenge’ once he flew to the USA.

After getting all the emails and applications ignored (or rejected) by the local agencies, Simone decided to change the scenario and went to America with a dream to fulfil. What he found was really very different: he ‘knocked on the door’ of The New Yorker and they immediately chose him and his talent.

After that, everything became possible for the Italian artist who started to work with many other big companies such as Facebook, Carhartt and Nokia.

Would you like to see his work or hire him? Here is what came out from his collaboration with The New Yorker.

The Food Issue

food simone massoni
Simone Massoni


Special Crime & Detective Christmas Issue

detective stories simone massoni
Simone Massoni


The 40s The Story of a Decade

new yorker simone massoni
Simone Massoni


10 Ways To Stay Warmer In Winter

winter tips simone massoni
Simone Massoni

You can also follow Simone Massoni and socialise with him on his Instagram and Facebook page.

What do you think about this artist, his talent and creativity? On your opinion, what are the countries that offer more opportunities than others in the art industry?


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