Jackfruit: How To Survive Agricultural Crisis And Starvation With The World’s Biggest Cancer Killer


jackfruit worlds biggest cancer killer

We are living in a time of multiple emergencies, from climate change to agricultural production and food crisis, but there is a way to solve them and it comes from India. Welcome to what it may be the ‘saviour’ of humanity: jackfruit and its properties.

Indian people have been cultivating it for centuries and it can be considered a ‘superhero’ food.

If we hadn’t corn and wheat any more, jackfruit would substitute them and save us all. This fruit is massive, weighting from 5 to 7 kilos, and brings a lot of nutrients with it.

Rich of potassium, calcium and iron, this tropical fruit could save million of poor people who are starving all around the world.

According to HealthBeckon, jackfruit can have amazing benefits: from having a flawless skin and promoting hair grown to strengthening the immune system and preventing cancer – and many others.

People who tried it can feel the taste of pineapple. And when they cook it, a surprising pork taste comes out

Will the jackfruit really be the everyday ‘super-food’ that will save us all from ‘extinction’, caused by an agricultural production constantly threatened by climate change – and human actions (Ed.)?

Have you tried this fruit before? How is the taste? Let us know your experience by commenting below.


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