Bizarre Incident In Okanogan County Skies: Giant Phallus Drawn By Military Jet And Now Crew Is In Trouble


jet drew a giant phallus in the sky

Do you know Okanogan? It’s a little town in Washington State, near the USA-Canada border and became famous – or infamous – for a bizarre incident: a military jet drew a giant phallus in the sky, living the 2,550 inhabitants astonished.

Okanogan residents might have not believed their eyes last Thursday 16th November when they saw a phallic drawing up in the sky, clearly made by a jet aircraft, according to locals declaration.

navy sky phallus

Who’s exactly responsible for that? Who’s the culprit? A resident told to have seen a jet trying to draw a male member with contrails. According to Lt. Cmdr. Leslie Hubbell, the aircraft involved was an EA-18G Growler from the VAQ-130 Electronic Attack Squadron based at Whidbey Island, on a “routine training” flight. Now the crew involved in the hilarious, yet unprofessional, sky-drawing would be held accountable.

The reason for such a weird action is still unknown but the incident was definitely unexpected and pretty funny. Local residents didn’t miss the occasion to fix the event in time and posted the images on social media. Obviously they got viral and it’s not necessary to explain why.

Credits: The Seattle Times | The Spokesman-Review


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