USA, Unusual Event At The Hospital During Halloween: The Joker Is The Obstetrician And Delivered A Baby


usa ostetrician joker delivered bab

Do you like cuteness? You love baby then. And what’s one of the most heart-warming things on earth? The birth of a new life. But there’s a place in the USA where things went differently than usual. A place where ‘villains’ bring life instead of death. Welcome to Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, where The Joker recently delivered a baby girl, giving the mother and her family an unusual and memorable experience. In this article you will see what happened and why Batman’s enemy became a doctor.

This is the story of Brittany Selph (Brittany Buchanan), already a mother of two children that was pregnant again, and waiting for a baby girl to come to life. She already decided her name to be Oaklyn, but she didn’t know she would have gone into labour right on Halloween, and made a peculiar encounter at the hospital that day.

With so many people outside having fun and playing at ‘worshipping’ death, monsters, demons and friends – wearing scary costumes – she may have thought a hospital was a ‘safe’ place, far from all of this. But when she arrived there something unexpected was waiting for her. The obstetrician who would have delivered the baby was The Joker.

osterician joker
Justin Selph | Facebook

Well, the truth is that – we said it before – it was Halloween, and doctor Paul Locus decided to dress like the ‘smiling’ Bruce Wayne’s nemesis.

ostetrician joker delivered baby
Justin Selph | Facebook

For the record, the doctor offered to remove his costume, but the open-minded Brittany decided to laugh and have some good fun, finding hilarious to have her baby delivered by ‘Mr Joker’.

joker ostetrician delivered baby
Justin Selph | Facebook

Brittany’s husband, Justin Selph, posted the images on Facebook and they immediately got viral. Following you can also see a video with ‘Dr Joker’ in action.

Do you like unusual situations? If you had to deliver on Halloween would you prefer a normal doctor or a monster obstetrician or even a zombie nurse?


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