Kate Middleton Takes Style Lessons From The Queen: See Them In This Photos

kate and queen in pink outfit
Mixed photo: Carfax2 | Wikimedia Commons – Oast House Archive | Geograph

At the beginning she was in green, blue and white, but something new seems to go on now with Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge was used to be seen often dressed in cold colours, but now pink is getting frequent in her outfit. Why?

In fact, this is how she showed up during two important events: different colours, a different style, different skirts. At first, there was Pippa Middleton’s wedding (her sister). Then it was the turn of the Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. In both occasions, Kate wore two dresses created by Alexander McQueen.

How Kate was before:

But now pink seems to “rule the scene”. And this colour is something that the Royal family made us used to see over the years, thanks to the Queen: fuchsia coats, candy-pink jackets and strawberry colour duster coats. So is Kate following the Queen steps, after being criticized several times about her too short and flapping skirts?

Let’s see and compare them on this photo gallery:

Pink dress and white purse: teacher and student?

And the back?



Let’s see how the candy-pink fits to them:

Not bad, isn’t it?

Let’s keep going.

Is it just accidental?


Do you like pink colours and clothes? What do you think are the best dresses for the two royal women?


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