5-Year-Old Kid Almost Drowning at a Pool in Helsinki and Nobody Helped Him

kid drowning pool in helsinki
Youtube Screenshoot

When summer comes it’s a kind of blessing for anyone to get some refreshment in water, swimming on the sea or going to a pool. For entertainment purpose a swimming pool can be a lovely destination during any season.


Whether you are an adult or a kid, you may like swimming and spend some nice moments. But on this video something went wrong for a 5-year-old kid that was almost drowning at a public swimming pool in Helsinki, and nobody around noticed him.

This heartbreaking and horrifying footage shows a little kid trying to reach the edge and escape, but for some reason he couldn’t and start floating among all the people. But nobody seems to care of of notice him, until a woman, after 5 minutes realized what’s happening and rescued him.

Although not yet verified, they stated that the boy was saved and has not suffered any permanent harm…while his mother was spending time in the sauna. But the questions remain:

Why was this kid left unsupervised? Why people ignored him as if they were a kind of absent zombies or careless demons?

Where were the lifeguards, given it is a public pool in a supposedly “civilized country”? Is this really civilization? If yes, “I prefer to be not civilised” -Ed.

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