Kim Kardashian Covers Her Nude Body With Glitter: The Sexy Promotional Pictures For Her New Beauty Products


Her fragrances sold out just in six days, making her more millionaire than she is already. Now she got naked and showed off her nude body covered just with gold and silver glitter. This is her idea to promote her new KKW Beauty products released last 1st December.

The famous entrepreneur, presenter and reality show star posed in sexy daring images and her clothes were just shades and stripes of glitter, that recall her new cosmetics line.

They are called Ultralight Beams and are her new shimmering highlighters and lip glosses. The collection contains five lip glosses and five pigments in matching shades that can be used wet or dry. If they can dress a full naked body and make it sexy, imagine what the effect will be on a face.


The new promotional pictures show the businesswoman charming and sexy. Maybe their new products will make you look like her – unless you don’t like Kim. For sure, the creative initiative will attract a lot of attention on her and the products.

Will she sell them because of the good quality and beauty or because of her body and fame? Maybe the two things are strictly related to each other and both important.

What do you think? Do you like Kim and her products? Would you buy them?

Credits: Daily Mail


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