Kupari, Abandoned Ancient Hotel In Croatia Visited With A Drone For A Unique Stunning Vision

kupari hotels abandoned
AliceKeyStudio | Pixabay

One year had passed since the end of the World War I and in Croatia a new great building was rising in 1919: a Grand Hotel in Kupari, built for the “rich and beautiful”. Lately, in the 60s, it became part of a military tourist resort in the area – that included other six larger hotels – giving its classic interior a new vintage accent, typical of those years. But another disgraceful event would have happened again: a new war that would have left all the buildings abandoned.

In fact, in 1991 (quite weird: same digit numbers, but in a different position), the Croatian War of Independence severely damaged the whole Kupari tourist complex that was able to accommodate 4,500 people. Since then it’s a ruin that still stands like a haunted building in front of the Croatian coast hit by the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

Ten years later, in 2000s the complex was privatised, but despite the private investments and some regeneration projects done, the area hasn’t gone back to its glory yet. YouTuber Oli White went there to explore the building and share stunning images.

And for a much thrilling and memorable experience, he ‘travelled’ through the rooms with a drone, for a unique and exceptional view only people who see this video can have.

While I was in Croatia I came across an abandoned hotel. This is what I captured.

Geplaatst door Oli White op dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

Humans creates and humans destroy (unfortunately sometimes they do even much worse -Ed.). Hopefully one day, we’ll give life back to what was once greatly alive, but now sadly dead.

Credits: Messy Nessy | My Radiant City | The Bohemian Blog


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