The Most Amazing Natural Ice Skating Rink in the World


When winter and Christmas season come, most people like skiing or ice-skating, either going on holiday to the mountains or staying in their own city. But there is a place in Sweden where you can ice-skate on a natural big rink. This is Lake Blanktjärn, the most amazing natural rink in the world.


Blanktjärn is located in Northwest Sweden and is nearby to Blåsjön, Skarphyttan and Hättälven. Blanktjärn is also close to Långsjön, Stälpen and Holmsjön.

When lake Blanktjärn freezes it remains crystal clear, so you can see fish swimming around, the fallen tree trunks and the whole water life this lake keeps hidden from the human eye when it melts and “lives” as water like any other ordinary lake.

Either you ice-skate with dogs or alone, you can enjoy the vision of living fishes as if you was walking on an aquarium glass or flying above this “underwater world”.

We don’t know if you like winter and ice-skating, but you will surely enjoy the vision of this video: absolutely magical, relaxing and able to make you feel free, at least for a while.

Have you ever been there before? Do you know other amazing natural places where you can ice-skate in this way? We would like to hear from you and add your experience to our stories.

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