Massive Message Addressed To UN To Solve North Korea Problem: The Land Art

land art message to onu
Dario Gambarin

We are here to talk about art again, one of the most expressive ways men use to communicate. One kind of art is painting on canvas, but sometimes artists are so creative that go beyond the common use. That’s when the canvas becomes unique and impressive. For ex. paper glasses or aeroplane windows.

Other times artists may get even more impressive and decide their canvas can be the soil. They want their art to be seen by the whole world and for the purpose their canvas becomes peculiar and big, really big, especially when they have a strong and global message to deliver to the humanity. This is Italian artist Dario Gambarin and its land art, who use terrains to convey his messages.

land art for north korea crisis
Dario Gambarin

If you want to see his art you have to fly, because it’s the only way to admire his creations and get the message. For his last project he decided to talk to O.N.U. (“Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite” in Italian language), the international UN organization, and stressed out the vital role it should have: promoting the global peace, solving international crisis with diplomacy and avoiding conflicts that may be impossible to solve once they started.

An example above all is the problem with North Korea and the Pyongyang regime. To convey the message, Dario wrote the text “ONU” on soil and drawn its logo with the peace symbol inside it – maybe to avoid any doubts about who is the recipient.

To see other land arts by Dario Gambarin, you can visit his website and eventually spread the messages.

Do you like this idea? Which message and artwork do you prefer?


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