Catholic Priest Converts A Laundry Shed Into The Smallest Cathedral In UK

outside from garden
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Portsmouth, UK, in one of the garden huts you can see around the country – Fr Julian Kent is a Catholic priest who was using his house garden hut for private worship. Now he decided to convert the tiny and old laundry shed – used by the previous occupants – into a church and it’s the smallest fully-functioning cathedral in the country: a green and white structure measuring just 19x12ft.

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Despite its small proportions, the place of worship is incredibly popular with its little congregation (the most they have accommodated so far at one time is 22).

high altar
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The 56-year-old priest began converting the pre-existing garage into the Priory Chapel and Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Beaulieu in March 2012. After just two months he opened the doors.

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We decided to show you the amazing pictures and video of the “brand new” Cathedral that is not much bigger than a garage. Despite the dimensions, the place is equipped with a High Altar, the cathedra (the bishop’s chair), pews, an organ and a rood screen.

cathedra bishop chair
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The cost for everything? £500 spent so far.

The place is so stunning that is one of 32 shortlisted to be named the Cuprinol Shed of the Year for 2017.

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A member of the congregation recommended the place to the organization telling that it deserves to win because it’s the smallest cathedral in the world.

Are you more curious? You can reach them at their Facebook page “The Priory Chapel and Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Beaulieu”.

Can faith and determination “move the mountains”? Apparently they can. What do you think?


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