Life Ball 2017 Charity Event: The 24th Exuberant Dancing Show to Fight Against AIDS

life ball 2017 vienna
Life Ball | Harald Klemm

June 10, 2017, Vienna’s City Hall – the 24th Life Ball took place with the common slogan “Together we can end AIDS!”. An annual dancing show and charity event to fight the disease and that can be considered controversial or normal (it depends on who you ask).

The facts:

The message is: “’Recognize the danger’ – and this in every area, whether in health or within society. Let’s open our eyes and look in the face of danger – this is the only way to act in time – for our society, for our health, for our future!”, says Gery Keszler, co-founder of the charity event in 1992 along with Torgom Petrosian.

man life ball 2017 vienna
Life Ball | Juergen Hammerschmid

The Life Ball in Vienna is the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with HIV or AIDS. The event is organized by the non-profit organization AIDS LIFE to support aid organizations that help people who are HIV-positive or have AIDS. Extravagant shows and spectacular live acts took place with exuberant costumes that, with no doubts, attract the attention of the whole world.

In this 24th edition, for the very first time, the “Life+ Award” was presented to support international projects committed to the fight against this disease. International stars and partners make speeches to raise awareness for AIDS (Naomi Campbell represented the “Elton John AIDS Foundation” and read a message from the singer).

drag queen life ball 2017 vienna
Life Ball | Roy Mäder

Conchita Wurst and Verena Scheitzthe entertained the audience with cabaret, revue and variety. So art, music and entertainment gathered together to fight against AIDS.



The questions for an exchange of views:

On their Facebook cover image we can read “who’s to judge?” and “who says what’s normal?” The question then arises: “just a sensibilisation campaign on HIV/AIDS issues or ALSO a “gender propaganda”?

transgender life ball 2017 vienna
Life Ball | Roy Mäder

For sure, supporting organizations committed in fighting against HIV and AIDS is a great thing and we should be all thankful for that. We can’t judge, in fact, we are just making questions.

HIV and AIDS are a matter of everyone, whatever is the gender and sex orientation. So are this kind of shows and slogans good and effective enough to let people better know the disease and how to prevent and fight it?

In the event people may think there might be some kind of hidden agenda, should we also consider that the show can be just a way to attract more attention and, by consequence, be more effective? Or is there really something else?

mask life ball 2017 vienna
Life Ball | Roy Mäder

What do you think are the best ways to fight against HIV and AIDS?


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